For Developers

Preferred way to develop pysjef is within a conda environment, without any external libraries. This makes it easier to than distribute the package on conda-forge.

The main pysjef repository is hosted on gitlab Developers should fork their own copy and add their contribution through a merge request.

Installing pymolpro

Clone the pysjef repository:

git clone
cd pysjef

Run a script to create a conda environment for developing pysjef:

bash pysjef-dev
conda activate pysjef-dev

Run a script to build the project and install it into conda:


It will build sjef c++ library in cmake-build/ and compile a cython wrapper of sjef.project


For testing, pytest and mocker will need to be installed:

pip install pytest pytest-mock

Tests are automatically run in CI.

Test files are kept in test/. Any data files required for tests are kept in test/samples/.


To build the documentation, Sphinx will need to be installed:

pip install sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme

Then to generate the documentation itself, run Sphinx from docs/:

make  clean && make  html

Documentation is primarily generated from docstrings in the source code using sphinx-autodoc. For that, pysjef module must be importable.