Welcome to pysjef!

Python Simple Job Execution Framework (pysjef), pronounced pie-chef, is a python extension of sjef.

sjef allows for simple execution of programs on local or remote servers, and pysjef exposes the following features:

  • Management of project bundles.

  • Launching and monitoring of jobs

  • Editing and viewing of input and output files

  • Support for marked-up output (currently only XML, soon to include JSON)

  • Maintenance of a recent project list

  • Support for multiple software packages

Additional features of pysjef include:

  • Parsing of structured output (e.g. XML) and bringing the whole tree into class objects

  • Grouping of projects in a tree hierarchy allowing for more complicated workflows

  • Representation of project collections, individual projects and structured output as a single tree

  • Processing of the project tree by selecting groups of nodes, accessing specific attributes, and creating sub-trees


Documentation for master release is hosted here https://molpro.gitlab.io/pysjef/.


We are in the process of adding pysjef to conda-forge. In the mean time, see the developers section.

List of Contributors

  • Marat Sibaev

  • Peter J. Knowles